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Controlled Dismantling

We are renowned for our dismantling expertise. We complete a range of complex projects in City Centres, densely populated areas and structures within or adjacent to live operational process facilities.

Our in-house professional team develop detailed project appraisals, risk analysis and mitigation strategies in addition to undertaking ground investigation and structural surveys. This helps us develop detailed method, sequence and understand any temporary works requirements so we maintain the buildings structural integrity at all times.

Before we start any project we liaise with all appropriate stakeholders in accordance with our stakeholder management plan. This helps us to understand and allay any concerns these stakeholders may have in addition to providing them with an opportunity to learn more about the project, our business and the kind of work we do.

The structures we dismantle are frequently encapsulated with demolition scaffolding which incorporate sound attenuation and external sheeting. Collectively these minimise sound pollution, environmental dust and vibration levels.

Any temporary works required are installed and signed off facilitating selective structural deconstruction or dismantling. Vertical movement is often provided by various types of crane, hoists or mast climbers. The structure is then progressively deconstructed or dismantled using our competent demolition teams who methodically execute the work within the parameters of our stringent health and safety procedures.

Our service also provide the following operation methods:

Concrete & Reinforced Concrete

Typically involving the removal of post-tensioned and pre-tensions bridges, removing old factory mass concrete structures, machine bases or foundations and breaking up concrete highways.

Brick & Timber

Covering a wide range of projects, including redundant warehouses, mills, factories, houses and derelict churches.


Projects including structured steel, a variety of steel bridges and steel framed buildings, with every project involving steel recycling.

Site Clearance

We also provide site clearance and demolition of redundant and derelict industrial & commercial buildings.  Services include controlled dismantling and demolition, asbestos surveys and asbestos removal, basement, foundations, drain and hidden structure removal.  Materials are crushed on-site and recycled for re-use.

As a multi-disciplined organisation we are able to provide specialist services in the following categories:

  • Asbestos and contaminated material
  • Land reclamation
  • Crushing and recycling
  • Soil strip

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